Healthy Eating

Our onsite cook Sylwia holds a certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene and regularly updates her knowledge Nutrition Matters for Early Years. For lunch and snack we provide a variety of healthy home cooked meals alongside milk or water. We offer vegetarian options as well as dairy/gluten free alternatives. Parents often provide alternatives to cows milk. Water is offered regularly throughout the day.

Although we cannot guarantee it, Hillcrest do our very best to uphold an Egg & Nut Free environment for the children. Products used to prepare our menus are sourced specifically without these allergens. It is highly important to ensure staff are informed of any allergies, intolerance or dietary requirements before your child joins Hillcrest so that this information can be shared with staff, managers and of course our cook.

Breakfast is served each day before 9 am
Cereals (Contains: wheat, barley, milk)
Mid-morning snack is served each day after 9am
Toast with glass of milk or water (Contains: wheat, soya, milk)


Week One


Week Two


Week Three