Pre-School Playgroup Room

Group Leader – Emily Skelly / Jordan Baine

FREE government curriculum based funded places

Open to children in their immediate pre-school year (3-4yrs)


We offer an afternoon session for our pre-school children who attend Nursery School or Hillcrest Pre-School in the mornings. We collect children from school and they enjoy a wide variety of challenging activities including cooking, drama, science, art and active play. This allows the children to express themselves in a less structured environment.

At Hillcrest pre-school we believe children learn best when they have the opportunities to investigate and problem solve in their own environment for example, we engage in weekly activities such as cooking, but not cooking alone, pre-schooler’s do the herb growing and the sourcing ingredients from local supermarkets as well!

We like to invite visitors into pre-school to talk about different themes and skills which encourages varied learning about the world around us e.g. recycling, nursing, yoga, music to name but a few.

All this knowledge can cross over from nursery to home ensuring that staff and parents work in partnership to best support each individual child. Our small group size of 16 allows for lots of individual learning opportunities. Our dedicated and experienced staff observe and plan according to each child’s interests, ensuring children are supported and meeting their full potential.

We have a large, natural outdoor space and pre-schoolers like to explore what nature has to offer in all weathers. Puddle suits at the ready! Hillcrest provides puddle suits so that everyone can jump in muddy puddles worry free.

Pre-schooler’s also love to get creative in our mud kitchen, show off their artistic flair by painting on our large outdoor easel, test their early maths skills with the water wall and develop language skills by telling stories in the fairy garden.

The garden hosts a tree house and climbing frame for challenging those gross motor skills. The sand shed and woodwork bench gives the children opportunities to test their social, emotional and creative skills and most importantly build confidence to explore, ask questions and thrive.

Six areas of learning:

  • Early Maths
  • Language Development
  • The Arts
  • The World Around Us
  • Personal, Social & Emotional
  • Physical Development


We are inspected by the Education & Training Inspectorate. View Report Online Here