Babies Room

Group Leader – Shannon Henderson

Our exciting baby nursery has space for 6 babies aged approximately 6 -16 months and provides lots of sensory stimulation for your little Einstein’s. The ratio in this room is 1 member of staff to 3 to provide the special level of care and attention all babies need. Nap times and bottle feeding are set by the parent based on the child’s normal routine at home.

There is supervised art and sensory play every day and plenty of soft toys, puppets, dress-up, blocks, cars and shape sorters to keep babies entertained and constantly learning. A walk to the local duck pond or stroll down the nearby leafy embankment is taken daily (weather permitting).

The room is fun and interactive with ride on toys available for older babies to develop their motor skills. The babies enjoy music, story-telling and rhythm & rhyme daily with a variety of books and musical instruments available. The children move to the Toddlers group when they are ready to do so, i.e. steady on their feet, ready for new challenges, confident etc.  We will always discuss this move with the parents beforehand.